The BagelNUTZ Story

Charles with his 'Nutz in 1993.

Charles Greenhood first developed BagelNUTZ in the early '90s in his hometown of Portsmouth, VA. The grandson of a grocer and son of a business owner, Charles comes from a family of entrepreneurs and food aficionados. With over 40 years in the food industry, Charles has built a repertoire of recipes inspired by chefs and cultures from around the world.

BagelNUTZ became a neighborhood sensation when Charles opened Bruttiā€™s Cafe with his wife Kathy in 1993. As the cafe turned into a full-service restaurant and catering business, BagelNUTZ began to reach a wider audience in the local area. The years passed and orders continued rolling in, but Charles always had bigger plans in mind for BagelNUTZ.

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